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Innovative technology


ECF Farmsystems has further developed aquaponics technology to harness the sustainable benefits and make it economically viable.

Aquaponics 2.0 - Made by ECF Farmsystems


ECF aquaponics is a consistent further development of classic aquaponics. An innovative coupling of two circuits was developed from the one closed circuit: an aquaculture circuit for fish farming and a hydroponics circuit for plant production. Monitored and controlled by smart measurement and control technology.

By using two water circuits, individual pH values for fish and plants can now be set in the water. Furthermore, additional plant nutrients can be added to the plant circuit without harming the fish. The fish water continues to be used twice, transporting the fish excreta to the plants as fertiliser. The CO2 released in the fish farm can be fed into the plant farm where it can be utilised and neutralised by the plants as additional fertiliser. 

Take a look at the ECF Farm Berlin!

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