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Planning, construction and operation of aquaponic farm systems



We plan, build and operate aquaponic farms for sustainable food production in the city.

According to WWF and the UN, 17-35% of global CO2 emissions result from agriculture and food processing. In addition, 70% of the world's freshwater is consumed in the process. Already today, over 1 billion people depend on fish as a source of protein, while 85% of the world's oceans are overfished or about to be. Food often travels long distances from production to consumer. Cold chains and transport by plane cause considerable amounts of CO2.

By combining aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing vegetables & herbs in water), we produce our food with reduced water & resource consumption.


The urban location also shortens transport routes and cold chains. In this way, our farms protect the environment and ensure fresh products on supermarket shelves. 


We have now established 4 farms in Berlin, Wiesbaden, Bad Ragaz (CH) and Brussels. We run the farms in Berlin and Wiesbaden ourselves. Further farms are already being planned.






First REWE rooftop farm by ECF Farmsystems

In May 2021 we opened our fourth large farm. After Berlin, Bad Ragaz (CH) and Brussels, it's now off to Wiesbaden, on the roof of the new and sustainable REWE GREEN FARMING supermarket. Fresh perch and crunchy herbs, now Urban Farming comes to Hesse...! #freshfromtheroof

REWE roof farm during construction work


German Sustainability Award 2021

ECF Farmsystems has won the German Sustainability Award 2021 in the category "Pioneers of Change in Business".

In cooperation with the German government, the best concepts against global warming, overuse of resources, species extinction and social division were awarded. Honorary prizes were awarded to the British singer Sir Elton John, US futurologist Jeremy Rifkin, musician Joy Denalane and singer-songwriter Jack Johnson. Prof. Ugur Sahin and Dr Özlem Türeci were honoured for developing the first Corona vaccine.

The award to ECF Farmsystems was presented by former German President Christian Wulff.

Award ceremony DNP2021 to Nicolas Leschke (ECF)


ByeByePlastik - The capital city basil in plastic-free packaging

The reduction of plastic packaging is on everyone's lips. That's why we are very happy to have found a solution to bring the capital city basil to the man (m/f/d) completely without plastic. In 2020, we replaced the plastic sleeve with a chic bag made of recycled paper. The special thing is that the basil is in the bag without a plastic pot. Simply cut off at all the dotted lines and the bag becomes a pot substitute! This way we collectively save about 7,000 kg of plastic every year. Optionally, clip a paper clip to the right and left of the bag to make it a tight-fitting pot. This way the soil does not dry out so quickly.

The new plastic-free packaging of the capital city basilica


Construction and commissioning of the ECF Farm Berlin

In 2014, ECF Farmsystems built Europe's largest inner-city aquaponics farm, the ECF FARM BERLIN. ECF now produces about 450,000 units of CAPITAL CITY BASIL and about 5to of CAPITAL CITY PEARCH annually in the 1,800m2 facility. The main customer is REWE Region Ost with approx. 260 supermarkets. In addition, a small part of the products is distributed via a farm shop on the farm and via delivery service to local gastronomy and catering.

ECF founders Christian Echternacht & Nicolas Leschke in front of the ECF Farm Berlin


Oscar award at the Cleantech Open in Silicon Valley

ECF Farmsystems was awarded 2 Oscars in 2013 at the "Cleantech Open", the world's largest startup event in the American Silicon Valley: for the best startup in the field of "Agriculture, Water, Waste" and for the best startup "International". At the same time, ECF Farmsystems was awarded the coveted audience prize. 

ECF founders Nicolas Leschke & Christian Echternacht at the award ceremony in Silicon Valley
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