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Our farms at a glance


Planning, construction and operation by ECF



ECF was commissioned in 2019 by REWE (Central Region) as a specialist planner to plan and construct a building-integrated rooftop farm on the next generation of the REWE GREEN FARMING supermarket in Wiesbaden. The first supermarket in Europe with an integrated rooftop farm went into operation in May 2021.


By applying the operator model, the project was financed by REWE, planned and built by ECF and permanently leased and operated by ECF. The food produced is distributed "fresh from the roof" exclusively to REWE and is available in all supermarkets in the Mitte region.


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Planning, construction and operation by ECF



The ECF Farm Berlin is a 1,800m2 aquaponics farm designed and built by ECF Farmsystems and in operation since 2014.


The annual production is about 400,000 units of capital basil and about 8 annual tonnes of capital perch.

Most of the produce is distributed to REWE Region Ost (with about 300 supermarkets) as well as to regional gastronomy and catering companies. A farm shop on the farm rounds off the distribution. » Website

Planning and construction by ECF

Rooftop farm ecco JÄGER

BAD RAGAZ (Switzerland)

ecco-jäger Früchte und Gemüse AG operates a 1,000m2 greenhouse on the roof of its own headquarters in Bad Ragaz, where vegetables and herbs are grown hydroponically. On the floor below, cichlids grow in a 200m2 aquaculture.

The building-integrated rooftop farm was planned and built in 2015 by ECF Farmsystems as general contractor.


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Planning and construction by ECF


Brussels Belgium)

BIGH (Building Integrated GreenHouses) is an investor, developer and operator of building-integrated aquaponics urban farms based and owned in Brussels.


On the roof of the Foodmet market in the heart of the city, the BIGH team operates a 2,400m2 farm designed and built by ECF in 2019.


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